Here is my first car

this is my first real anything in blender, I have been practicing for about 3 or 4 months
incase anyone was wondering, I see lots of questions about how long it takes to learn blender, for me it was 3 or 4 months of reading tutorials watching tutorials, I would say I watched tutorials for 2 weeks before I even opened blender.

I had to borrow a few materials to get this result, but I think it came out right nice,
I have done some work to the hood since rendering this image,
I guess some day I will update the image, but let me have it as is folks

And you can see it in 360 here

Very very nice. The only real problem I see is the windshield area and the look of the dash behind it.
Is this an original model, or done from blueprints?

looks like a lotus to me, but i could be wrong… :slight_smile:

the thing that looks bad to me is that you’ve got some sharp edges there, that might be a bit too sharp, on the hood, but as you said you have worked on that, so that could have been fixed by now… :slight_smile: