Here is my game character and more stuff.

I am making mmorpg game. Here is my character and more stuff:

Character (sorry little dark ):

Here is bronze armor:

Here is iron armor:

Here is steel armor:

And gold armor:

Some shields:


And boots:

Can they move? Like is it riggged?

I’m bad in english . WHAT is riggged.

Hes wondering if your character is rigged(and if the rest is, that wouldnt be bad either)

Rigged is when your character can move with bones… Just ask if you dont know what bones are :slight_smile:

LOL, yes it is rigged.:smiley:

nice work, just keep the whole game in the same graphic style…

It looks like a copy of Runescape to me XD no offence that’s just my opinion.

Cool man XD And good luck with the project, I’ll be keeping a weather eye on on this thread…

Maybe try a different blade texture for the swords. It looks too rocky.

if your using gimp -> filter -> render solid noise turn the Y or X to max and the other very low then do some blurring in the drection of the streaks it gives a good grey to black streaks for blades