Here is my minigame DOWNLOAD AND COMENT NOW!!

On my homepage i have a mini game i made, it is named
“winnie the poo eater” here is the .exe)

Be glad to get anny coments :slight_smile:

:o Hahahahhahaha :smiley: That’s really funny, lol it’s so great. Eat Poo winnie the Poo :stuck_out_tongue: LMAO

thats so funny and cool, congrats!

lol I will definately have to check that out, but maybe I’ll wait until after I’ve had lunch. :o


Really well made, good job.

lol i thaught id get more coments then this :expressionless:

it’s a semi-fun game, but kinda disgusting.

i know, but much of the point of making a mini game is that people shaul rember it, this is one way. And it is fun to not be so serius about thing.
what if the hole world was serius all the time, woulden be anny fun :wink:
I have been working hard on this, and it is no fun if you get NO coments, if you knw what i mean,
well Thanks for the coment :slight_smile:

really cool game :slight_smile: