Here is my new character....

(Nayman) #1

Yep, most recent character.
I am going for the realistic, yet comicbook look.
I picture him as a butler/ entertainer (juggling and such)

(dreamsgate) #2

he looks cute, will he clean house too?

(kaktuswasse) #3

hey,great work. Really creative!!!
Now make a cool animation with him!

cya henrik

(S68) #4

Really cool :slight_smile:

Like it!


(adyus) #5

i really love the envmap on the “eye”. but tell me something, are those things on his head supposed to be ears or what?

(BgDM) #6

Excellent work. Very good idea.

I think those are turbo props that make the thing fly.


(Nayman) #7

yes, theyare lifting fans,i have yet to model lades, but he is a flying robot,you’ll see when ido an animation
istill needto rig him, could be a while

(bmax) #8

rendered in…?

(sten) #9
rendered in......?

I would say Blender of course…

very nice render and all model itself…it really looks supergreat !

I have only one thing on the critics side…some bad shadow
artifacts on the floor…otherwise…it rocks :wink: !!

(Nayman) #10

rendered in blender of course, 40 spotlights.

I am going to beef up his arms (slighlty) and model rotor blades… then, give him a broom and dustpan!

(blengine) #11

very nice! very interesting! good lighting too… needs a scene! scene scene!

(shibbydude) #12

I think the render quality in this pic is great. The biggest advantage of Blender’s renderer for me is that it is flexible. I can create some really nice soft shadows and great fake chrome without all the time of raytracing. Great pic - but it really needs a scene.

(rndrdbrian) #13


Excellent modelling & texturing!

Are you going to animate this little fella?

He’ll definitely look good with 3 rotor blades, hovering a bit above the floor!