Here is my Struff ...

(Doc Holiday) #1

Hey Blenderheads!
Come to my Site and look what i have done last Time! :smiley:

I hope, i can give You some inspiration.
Cu, Doc

(nemesis) #2

I can’t read whatever language is on that website, but they all rock.

The gun demo is really cool. But you should make the buttons more “reachable”. It’s not easy to have a finder on a, another on y, etc. If this is the starting of a FPS game, it will rock. I’ve never seen mouse movement with blender before.

The Park is nice! The leaves move, water fountain is nice, and even lense flare! (you have to teach me some stuff buddy :wink: )

The car doesn’t seem to do much, but the model is still nice.

(Yamyam) #3

Nice work, Doc! :slight_smile:

but I think nemesis’s too. I got a stress when player move around.

(wiensta) #4

great stuff!

i never knew chrome mapping was possible in 2.23 even thru python!

these files will provide me with a wealth of resources especially the uv fx.

thanks, and i hope you keep making stuff on blender!

(ineedanewbi) #5

beautiful…im jeleaus…i dont know how u did any of it though.
i dont know how to use python…

the only problem with what u did was that its very demanding on the harware…ex the trees in the park and the car…

but the shinyness looked really cool

(gargola) #6

great job! :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #7

Very cool!

The park is really nice, everything’s nicely textured and everything. In the gun demo everything is nice too.
1 question though, how can you do those controls?! A and Y for forward and backward and Q and W for sidestep? That is the weirdest setup i’ve ever seen.

You should make a full game, it could be really nice.

(S_W) #8

that has to do with the german keyboard…

(saluk) #9

Very good work, nice textures, cool fountain, animated trees, awesome job man!

(iconjunky) #10

Real good stuff man! I liked it all alot.

(i wanna be able to shoot stuff in the park though! :frowning: cos i have become addicted to any and all First Pesron Shooters! Cmon man, is it gonna happen? :wink:

-Daz :slight_smile: