Here my 1st animation in blender, i lack about camera knowledge so my camera movement look shaking

My 1st animation project quiet happy, but i think i need more knowledge about camera, how to set camera so its not shaking. Need your opinion and comment guys.

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Dude, the video is not playin

really?, but i can play it in my computer… aw whats wrong then T_T

I can see it, and It’s okay. I think one your biggest problems isn’t modeling or anything, it’s the frame rate. If you were to increase the frame rate, and maybe divide the video into clips and edit them together, it would look a lot better.

thanks man, ill edit them sooner… i will try to add more keyframe for my character and camera
thank for your suggestion… ill upload it after finish with keyframe… hehehe thank you

i cant see anything

edit:its ok now
yeah the framerate its terribly

sorry btw what is frame rate? im newbie here :V

wait a minute i forget to ask, what is frame rate

The frame rate is how many frames there are per second. I think the default is set to 24 fps. You can change it under dimensions in the render panel.

aw, sadly you right its has been set in 24 fps as the default one, how many frame should i set then… and how to know how many frames i need for my animation, thanks

I’m actually not sure that the frame rate is the problem here. I’ve made plenty of animation at 24 fps and they’re pretty smooth. I think it is the motion of the camera that is making it clunky. Did you animate the camera by changing the position manually and keyframing it? If that is the case, I think making it follow a path would work better, because it would be smooth.

Perhaps it is the frame rate though. Try changing it to something higher and see if it gets any smoother. Keep in mind it would get faster though, so you would need to fix that by scaling the keyframes in the NLA Editor. There might be another way to fix the speed problem, but that is all that I know of.

manually position, ill try to making the camera follow the path but its more harder to me to set position for the scene. and now i have problem with VSE, i cannot hear sound in VSE, can you help me?, for camera and sound maybe usefull thread or something,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, could you please elaborate?

As for the VSE, how are you going about adding sound? Adding a audio file through Add ----> Sound and positioning it where you want in the animation should work.
If you already have a track in the VSE, make sure it is not muted. Also make sure that your Audio scene volume (under Properties —> Scene tab —> Audio) is set to 1.

I had the same problem the first time I tried using the VSE, but for me it was just a matter or restarting my computer and Blender.

i mean because i have to shoot 2 different object in different position thats why i said its difficult to me to make great positioning for my camera when i use following path, because i cannot control camera movement, examples if i want the camera shoot little bit higher or lower i cannot do that in following path mode, or maybe you have something to tell me about controlling camera movement in followed path.

in your reply you say track, what is track, sound or image sequence? and where is the scene tab position i cannot see scene tab position in my sound properties

You can keyframe the rotation of the camera while it is moving on the path, so you should be able to capture everything you want to.

The track/strip/sequence is the sound file (wav, mp3, etc.) that is added through Add —> Sound (or if you were adding an image strip to make an animation out of you would click Image) that looks like the teal strip in the image below.

If you have already added a sound strip, you can see if it is muted by clicking it and checking the panel that comes up if you press n

The scene tab with the audio scene volume is under Properties, not sound properties.

aw, its work bro, thank you very much… omg hahahahhahaha im happy :smile: omg thanks a lot man. now i can hear sound in VSE thank you.

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I’m glad it worked! I hope animating camera rotation works as well :slight_smile:

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thank you i will give you information ASAP when i have finished this project :smile: thank you very much