Here we Rise looking for donations

Hey guys!

Im fourteen, and ive been working with Unreal Engine 4 for about a year now, and the Blender Game Engine for two years. I published my first game to the App Store a few months ago, and Im currently on a game in UE4 for a few months, called Here we Rise. Im to the point where i need to assemble my levels, but I’m needing some financial support so i can buy props off the marketplace to use. If you want info on the game you can find lots here:

And you can look at the GoFundMe page here:

Thanks for checking it out

Some feedback on your website:

What is here we rise?
Here we rise is a third person shooter about a guy who survives the robot apocolypse.
I had to scroll miles down the page to find that out! After finding out what sort of game it is, then you can explain it’s an indie game.

a third person shooter, that focuses on basic gameplay functions,

So it’s a thrid person shooter that focuses on, uh, being a third-person shooter. What makes it unique?

Finally, put a link to your gofundme page, no-one is going to go search for it if you can provide a link.

I can model some plants and badic stuff for you for just a couple of cents or for free if the model is very simple. You can pm me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested with me.


a 14 year old who managed to complete a game

not start one and fail like me in 2014 but actually finish…

No matter how simple or complex the game is(I haven’t taken a look at it yet)
you finished a game, and that’s more than I could do when I was 15!
You got talent

I might consider donating

thanks for the comments guys!

Thanks for the feedback on the website! Im kinda new to web development so I just had to do the best i could :P. and when I say that the game focuses on “basic gameplay functions” I mean the game has easy to use controls. No complicated key sequences, just simple controls that are easy to remember and use.

And what makes it unique? Well, there are always a certain amount of players in-game. you find more characters as you progress throughout the game, and you can play as them as well as Brandon. The characters that your not using will be controlled by Ai. If you need the abilities of another characters you can find them or tell them to come to where you are, and then switch to that player. It doesn’t say this on the website (I haven’t been very active with keeping that updated), but i will add more info soon. Also, there will be over fifty story telling levels, and different paths you can take to find your way to the end of the game.

Thanks again for your input :slight_smile:

Please do! Every little bit helps. Thanks!