Here's a link to my Blender Builders page, featuring a shortcut key list & video tuts

Moderators: I am not sure this is the right section for this or if my work is something you want me to share here. Please feel free to move or delete this thread. I thought I would offer this information in case anyone would find it useful. If you do decide to move or delete it I would appreciate a PM telling me what was wrong so I can improve it.

So here is the link:

Hi-Tech headache is a hybrid blog and YouTube video tutorial sharing and announcing platform. You can join my circle if you have a Google account and be kept up-to-date on a variety of subjects. Not just Blender but politics and spirituality as well.

The Blender Builders page is a listing of shortcut keys, tips, and video tutorials. It is regularly updated and new video tutorials are coming in the very near future. In fact because of all I have learned about Blender in the last few months the current videos listed there will soon be irrelevant and I will be redoing them.

Of the most use, I think, is the keyboard shortcut layout. I have worked very hard to make this readable, easy to understand, and comprehensive for this stage of my Blender development. By no means is every keyboard shortcut listed, that would be overwhelming and distracting. I use it myself as I continue to learn Blender. Personally I find it easy to find whatever I need. But that is just my opinion, and I did write it afterall.

You comments are of course welcome. I can’t improve this if I don’t know what needs to be improved!

Occasionally I will post an article on Blender, my observations as I learn the program. Here’s a link to the only one so far:

I am following Neal Hirsig’s tutorials, which I am sure have been linked to a million times around here, but just in case:

I don’t know if any of this will be of any use ti anyone. I make no assumptions one way or the other. Just decided to share the information here and let you use it (or not) as you will. I do hope you find it helpful, and it should become more helpful over time.

At the risk of getting chewed out for being a necromancer (raising old topics from the dead) I do have a legitimate reason to do so. The link I provided no longer works. I will address this now.
Hi-tech Headache homepage. Even if the other links die, this works.
Blender Builders. This is the new home of my Blender stuff, and it is updated occasionally.

(NOTE: To open the links in a new window, you will have to right-click and either open in a new window or tab, based on your preference. I didn’t see the option when making the links.)

So what has happened in the last 4 years since I was here? Well I completed the Blender Age Builders series! Not sure I posted about that anywhere here…

Currently doing things for Minecraft, and attempting to learn Mine-imator so I can create an animated intro. It is either that program or trying to get back into Blender and do it there.

You will find links to everything I am doing on my newly updated profile! HOORAY!