Here's a Shelby Cobra!!

I made this in Maya about a year ago.Tell me what you think?:slight_smile:


Nice, but it looks too boxy - the edges are too sharp and the bonnet etc. too straight.

…why are you posting your works in Maya on a Blender forum?

because he is a blender user who could do just the same in blender. at least he’s honest

I just don’t have anything done in Blender yet.I used to have quite a few blender works.Then my computer went stupid when I installed Maya.Long story short,I lost everything.So when I joined this forum I wanted to post a few pics but all I have ,I’ve done with Maya.Besides this forum is called finshed works not Blender finshed works.Don’t be mad though I always say that my works were done with Maya.And I am currently working solely with Blender whhen I get somthing I’ll post it.:wink:

Besides this forum is called finshed works not Blender finshed works.

Yeah, that’s logical considering the website is called :rolleyes:

Sure it’s logical, a blenderArtist posted a finished work. For future however, it’s best to stick to blender work, though it’s ok if it was rendered composited with something else.