Here's an idea (to "extend" the GPL) :)

Blender is free, but whatever cartoons or games you make with it have to be given away for free as well.

What do all of you think of this idea? :slight_smile:

(I’ve toyed with this idea for some time, actually…)

Uh, how about no.

Also, if you extend the GPL it wont be the GPL anymore.

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Air is free. You use air to do work. Therefore you have to give away all your work for free.



lol this is gonna turn into a ravenous troll thread quickly.

the only reason i dont like this idea is the gross violation of intellectual property this implies.

just look at the addon situation. blender addons are all gpl but we seem to have circumvented that little issue quite effectively by abusing the “morality” sentiment of it.

rules dont fix problems, people do.

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Look licenses are made to protect (creators, contributors, and the work itself). What you propose sounds like a hard restraint and forcing something onto creators instead of lending them freedom (which is what license protection does, in a way).

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Turn down the justwannapost and try some justgottaread.


Nobody wrote awesome code in C++ for about 25 years to make air.

It wasn’t a literal statement - just some random shit I wanted to drop on you guys :slight_smile:
I was just trying to envision how such a system would work :slight_smile:

Read the “I was just trying to…” in Post #8 :slight_smile:

It’s not my idea. OR new. There was one version of Ubuntu which came with a song made by a band which they gave away for free!

No circumvention required, the license clearly states that software under gpl can be sold.

Think still people are getting free mixed up with free coolaid and not liberation.

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Here’s a bit more modern, fashionable, people’s thought for you:
Let’s imagine you’re born broke (de facto). Those who made you in a moment of love or passion are gone (separated, dead, left…). “Developed society” is full gas on sin (greedy, selfish, lazy…) and you have nothing, not even a right to be (as is for majority of inhabitants of this world). Being just another visitor in life, if you’re good enough you should subscribe to or just rent everything for the time of use. It’s just to keep the balance in force. :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:

GPL primarily deals with software licensing.

Blender production assets would fall under copyright and/or any license of your choosing really (GNU maybe?), unlikely though it would be GPL as the license structure is designed around source code and binaries.

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Worst… idea… ever !

First, even if Blender is available freely, that’s don’t make it a free ($$$) software. The GPL license completely allow the software to be sold as long as you respect the license. “Extend” it won’t make a difference at this point.

Second, Blender users currently don’t make open projects exclusively : It goes from small individual projects to multi-millions Hollywood and Netflix projects. If you “extends” the license, there will be no point about using it anymore for 99% of projects coming out. Also, a fork would surely be created quite quickly.

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Sure, I understood the intent, and that was my answer. However I’m not sure where you got this idea ? Were you trying to solve something that you feel isn’t right with existing licenses ? What about being in the position of the artist whose work automatically becomes “public domain” - free for everyone to use, modify and resell without attribution ? wouldn’t that feel like theft ? how would you make a living ? is this part of a scenario where we’ve institutionalized “universal income” ?

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Either he’s very very young or another frustrated Autodesk employee, infiltrating the blender community, putting weird toughts in our heads…well nice try buddy, your cover is blown :wink:


Unfortunately GPL and to be specific its creator , the Free Software Foundation, is in favor of commercialization of open source software and not against it, for more info see

Open source is in need of money as much as any other software, especially projects as complex as Blender. Blender may be free but it had always efficient way to collect funds to support development. If none paid for Blender , Blender would not exist. So yeah, forcing people to make their work free is against the very nature of GPL license which is to protect your freedom and not your wallet. Hence why we say “free as freedom not free as beer”.

You got something backwards here. It doesn’t matter: you use it to be productive (well OK, with air you also kind of need it to stay alive).

(And also, someone somewhere probably did write code to “make” air. You know, there are things flying where there isn’t any.)

What’s unfortunate about that?

there was a similar topic about “blender is free and all of it addons should be too.”