Here's an odd question...

paying for web hosting is paying for air or paying for electricity?
if this topic is pointless, then here’s a good link where u can get
100MB for free for ur blender stuff…

you pay for the services, that your webspace gets some backup every day, that it is reachable in the first place, that you have PHP, CGI support and stuff

you pay for the hardware and software (if not open source), which must somehow amortize itself.

you pay for the support the webhosting company is using from other copanies.

you pay for additonal services, like databases and their administration.

you pay for a certain level of security and data integrity. this includes administrators keeping up to date with state-of-the-art security threats, applying patches, searching for problems themselves and so on.

you pay for the bandwidth and especially for the traffic you are consuming.

you pay for all the overhead, which involved in every commercial service, that is office folks, creating bills, paying bills, buying office equipment, and anything else you need to run a business.

you have to pay for being able to use your webspace commercially

you have to pay for being sure, that your provider is not changing his offer every single month

of course you also have to pay for the electricity and the rent of the building all the servers are standing.

you have to pay for the installation and maintenance of physical security systems like firefighting systems…

you have to pay for not being f u c k i n g overwhelmed by pop-ups and other advertisements

should i really continue?

You live in a country where electricity is free? Lucky bugger…

who thinks the prices should be lower?
AN][ARES, u make sense.

I think prices for hosting aren’t all that bad right now. $10-$20 a month can get you a killer deal with a vast array of services.

You have to find the right places to buy it from.

At the moment I pay about £80 a year for 10GB space and 200GB bandwidth on a server that hasn’t let me down so far. i have an additional 10GB/10GB “free” as I own a reseller package (basically for my hosting site)…

I could buy hosting for a lot cheaper & for a lot more space and bandwidth… but then again my site will probabily go down for a month, i used to pay £20 a year for a so called “unlimited space and bandwdth” hosting… with uptime of about 70% (no joke)(advertised as 99.9% of course…)

I could spend £200 a month for a dedicated server with only 200GB bandwidth, But my site will have a 100% uptime in all honesty except for needed updates taking it down to 99.9% (this is based on things that would be their fualt, not mine like running a script that’ll crash my server)… If my site were to go down for some reason they’d be able to get it back up within minutes… Technical support that know what they’re talking about and help you out with anything you need AND have the time to do it, not any “well im busy atm, hey ill get back to you in a month about it ok? even though you’re technically paying my wages”

Oh, and for what they are offering you, in terms of space /bandwidth costs me about 80pence ($1.60 ish) and for the banner ads they put on there for somthing like $1.60 a click…) you’re better of buying hosting at $5 a year and have google ads till like 3 people click it.

i pay for a fairly expensive service. but you get what you pay for.

i have my site in a higher class Datacenter, with multiple backup generators multiple power company input lines. 10 alternative telecomunications pipelines (with different telecom companies)…

6 minutes is the longest i have waited for service from them :stuck_out_tongue:

$140 a year, for 21Gb per month, 1.5Gb storage, unlimited e-mails, 15 subdomains…

i don’t trust a lot of the cheaper services, many of them start out ok then deteriorate as they overload the servers with to many users.