Heres my Droideka!!

Here is a low poly model I did of a destroyer droid from Star Wars,Hope You like it.Comments welcome.:smiley:


Looks good, but looks a little low poly(I think if you want it to look more “real”, you should try modelling a little more). But looks good(here I am, commenting your work… though I couldn’t do better, but still… that’s what I see)

Up the polycount unless it’s a game model, put more detail into it. Also, the shield looks like a solid sphere more then a wall of energy like in Star Wars.

yeah… the shield… pick the color… Ztransp… and some fresnel would do I think

More then that, you’ll probably need the edge in a glow and clever procedurals to simulate energy, with energy fields you don’t want perfectly solid lines.

Pretty friggin’ awesome man, I would LOVE to see a high poly version. I agree that the energy sheild isn’t all that great. Pause episode one for some still frame referances, if you pay attention you’ll notice in the movies that the sheilds are rather subtle to the point of non-exsistance except for at the very edges. Maybe a ramp shader is in order…

[Edit] Animation?

planning on doing a battle droid too btw?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah , I modeled this when Battlefront2 came out I was trying to keep the poly count to a game model level.As for the shield I was looking at an episode 1 book and it took me at least a couple of hours to get the shield to look that good.:slight_smile: I really just put the shield in last for effect.Thanks for the comments.Happy Blending

Would you mind posting a .blend? You can host it here.

I did this one with Maya but I’ll try to export it later.It’s not currently on my hard drive .It’s on a disk but I’ll see what I can do.:confused: