Here's the Static Shock game.

I’ve been working continuously on this project everyday. Its nearly complete. I just have to fix a few minor problems here and there, but overall I believe its complete. In this game you’ll control Static, Gear, and Backpack(Gear’s robot backpack). I’m still not completely finished with Gear’s portion of the game, but its nearly there. Static’s portion is also pretty much finished accept for a couple of things. Gear’s portion of the game at the moment is searching for Static. There will also be a boss character for him to fight for the final game, just so his part doesn’t seem completely boring. Static does battle with a robot that will do an attack that drains your powers, so be on the look out for the attack.

I’ve fixed alot of problems including the lasers that just stood there on level 1. I’ve included working health and energy bars, given the enemy’s AI(including the droids that roam level 1), added special effects & sound.

Tell me what you think about it:

I’ve included the controls with the file as well as some tips for completing the game. I also forgot to mention that when you control Static, his powers will be infinite. This will be changed in the final game, because I plan on including Health & Energy pickups.

nice one!
I’ve tried the three levels (don’t know exactly what to do in the first one…) and it’s enjoyable.
I would like to see some crouch/jump function and a better lighting, and maybe an ending cutscene after killing the robot.