Heritage Building Update: Animation Test Pg3

well theres about 10 hrs of work in this one and not even close to done. Anyways crits very welcome.



Wow!! That’s really great. Nothing to crit here.

Yeah I cant see anything to crit, awsome work so far.

that looks great! i haven’t got anything to crit too :slight_smile:

[edit] just looked another few minutes… nope nothing to crit :wink:

Hi timmo,

awsome modeling job you´ve done there full of details, i like it very much,
i am a detail junkie :smiley: ;).

keep it up…, bye Olaf.

looks pretty sweet…

and i looked hard, anid the only thing i could think of would be the steps. they seem a little big… but that could be on purpose a lot of buildings like that have over sized steps --anyway thumbs up

:wink: GREAT! Nice work.


go go go ! :smiley:
Now the hardest questuion will be: how are you going to fill that emty void inside :smiley:

thanks for all the comments guys, i appreciate it. Im not sure how I will fill the void inside at the moment, but there will be an interior as a seperate blenc so i can cut between them when i do the animation.

keep looking there’ll be more updates.


ok ive got an update and im also working on the previs for the animation, ill post it as soon as i’m done.


Wow! That is amazing! How long did it take to render.

Oh, by-the-way, vertice #258 is slightly off.

thanks…it takes about 4 mins to render on my P4 2.4 laptop.

well i have two new renders. i’ve basically finished modelling the exterior now apart from the roof which i still havent decided how to do. next the fun part…uvmapping %|




It looks too good ! Why did you take off the hand railing? I liked that as a part of the stairs.

i may put it back, i’ve just moved away from the thought of it being a commercial type building to making it a mansion so i thought the handrails wouldnt look right in the context.

IMO, the handrails helped give a sense of scale to how big the building is (along with the steps, columns, doors, etc.) Just about everyone has some idea of how high a handrail is (they’re kept pretty much the same height everywhere) and can get an idea from them how big everything else is (even if it’s subconscious). So, I suggest placing something in the scene that will help give a sense of scale, maybe even a bench. Also, again IMO, If you are thinking about going the mansion route, you might want to think about making the entrance longer along both walls of the building, kind of like a large columned front porch. As it is, it looks alot like an classic apartment complex.

I love the model, it is really great work! Just some thougnts that I hope will help.

Upon looking at the front columns, I recommend making the base of the columns slightly narrower as well… looking forward to where this goes! :slight_smile:


So is each arch and column a seperate part or
all one?
Are you using a bunch of duplicates?

Just trying to understand how you
put this together.

excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor. I do not have the discipline at all to do detailed models like this. I’m more of a character person myself…

this is amazing


the model uses a combination of seperate parts and connected meshes. the arches for example are connected, but the columns are not. Of course identical pieces were duplicated, youd be insane to model them all seperately when they are the same. but nearly every piece that was duplicated had to be modified to fit into the model properly.

i will release the model when its done so that you can have a look for yourself.


i absolutely love this piece. i am such a geek for good looking old buildings, and this one really drop my jaw. fantastic detail and finish. did you have a reference for some of it? incredible job, and cant wait to see the finished product!