Herman and Glockenspiel

This is my first animated short. You can watch it on vimeo here: http://www.vimeo.com/1829488
I hope you enjoy!

For a first short it was pretty good. Was well thought out and nice style to it.

Quite acceptable for Sunday morning cartoon TV kids show :slight_smile:

Good! That’s actually kind of what I was going for.
I know there’s lots that can be improved but I had to finish as fast as I could so I can win the Suzanne Award. :slight_smile:

Nice animation, I liked the music. Did you compose the music yourself? Also, I liked the rainy effect you had at the very start when the blue guy was looking out the window. Good luck with the Suzanne award.

The trumpet solo music I composed and performed, the music during the second half I got from soundsnap.com, and the credits music I got from Incompetech.com.
The rainy effect was hard because I had to make it look like it was raining outside but I didn’t have time to model an outside environment. So I made a 2d texture in Gimp with the gimpressionist tool and made an 8-frame animation to map onto a flat plane outside the window.