Herman Miller chaise lounge

Hi guys,

trying to learn Blender modeling tools better. It will be a final image soon, I hope.

Some parts need a bit of re-work of course. I’m really loving the “follow active quads” unwrapping option.



Nice model. I like to see a tutorial on how do model that chair. Great work.

Hey thanks mr.OBVIOUS, sadly, my spare time is really little, plus i’d be a horrible teacher, i don’t speak english really well and i’m totally dumb at recording screen/casting ecc. -__- sorry

Well I didn’t mean you but I will encourage you (if you had time) to give it a go. You don’t know that you’re a bad teacher… unless you really are a teacher and actually killed a student. I’m sure it’s easy and I thought I saw someone did a tutorial on how to do blender tutorials. Anyway the model is great. I need to see if you posted other things. Good modelers make my day. Cheers!

The tutorial about how to make tutorials sounds interesting. If you got the link don’t hesitate to pm me. I didn’t post other things, just a scene test to give a try to Cycles but the attachments are gone away -__- This is the first time I tried Blender for detailed models.

I found the Blender unwrapping tool really cool and powerful, a lot better of some commercial softwares.


this looks damn good so far, the final result will really depend on the quality of the materials and lighting… can’t wait!

Thanks Kemmler! Yep, I’ll do as best as I can in Cycles regarding shaders and lighting. We’ll see :wink:


Working on shaders


that looks like a proper shader for leather


This is going to be great when it’s done! And I really like that shader! I made a leather chair once, too, but it wasn’t as nice and detailed as this.

Wow, I tried to do something like this a while ago but I got totally frustrated trying to sculpt the wrinkles in blender sculpt mode. Could you give me any piece of advice?

Would also love to see a tutorial :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Thanks guys, i really appreciated your comments!

@mr.OBVIOUS, thanks for the link :wink:

@ludemi84, i found using sculpting for wrinkles frustrating too, but regarding “the long ones”. For the small and tiny wrinkles you can of course use sculpting, but for the others, like in this chair, i got better results with simple poly modeling. I personally set my mesh to have a medium resolution, then i apply a sub surf modifier to make it smooth. On the medium res mesh i select loop i want to create wrinkles e move them “inside” the cushion a little bit, then i usually smooth the hardest parts with sculpting mode->smooth brush. The focal point is to observe real wrinkels and understand where they starts, where they finish, and their direction.

Actually i should improve some wrinkles to make them more realistic. But the overall look is okay. Hope this helps.

Cheers, marcoG

Update - unwrapped other pieces, including pipe lines, now shaders time.



Thanks for the info. I’m gonna try this soon. Great stuff, keep it coming!

Wood textures applied. Almost done :ba:


oh my gawd looks amazing .

Thanks man! Don’t know yet what kind of scene will be for final renders.


your leather shader is good but not perfect. I am sitting next to a leather couch, and you have the pattern roughly right, but the tops of the bumps are flatter IRL, if that makes sense. The bumps on yours are quite rounded in the middle, or ‘puffy’, which looks more like fake leather or plastic. Not sure how to fix that, but really that’s my only crit right now.

Is that leather bump texture procedural, or image based?