Herman Miller chaise lounge

make a room of a boss of a company

@Kemmler thanks for the advice, it depends of the type of leather, however, yes it could be improved, i’ll try some tweaks. Thanks

@Illusionist Nope, it’s image based, two type of leather texture blended togheter.

@thepsycho24 Thanks, i’ll think about it

First test render. Needs tweaking bumps a bit. Also changed bumps in 2nd img.

EDIT 2: 3rd image added


Which picture is GGX reflection and which is Beckmann ?

Kind regards

The first pic is GGX, the second and third are Beckmann. When i was setting up the leather shader onto a sphere I thought GGX was better, but i think Beckmann wins now, in this kind of image/lighting/material. Reflection are less “spreaded” on the surface and more sharp.


love the leather, looks really convincing

I like the first one better. Are they all a single light source without any environment to reflect light?

(Ooops, I mean two lights)

@killbee Thanks mate.

@organic First one? Mmm, i dunno, maybe a mix between the 1st and 3rd…? I’ll try. Nope, the first and second pic two lights, the third pic 3 lights, to better draw the silhouette of the chair higlighting its profile. And right, no environment.

those renders are simply amazing. That leather is fantastic… keep going, I’d love to see this in the gallery.

Thank you comeinandburn for kind words! But few improvements could be done, and sadly i’ve really small time to finish it. Cheers!


I think it’s done. Maybe tomorrow higher res and post them in finished projects thread.


note: it seems the site does compress them a lot. Most details aren’t visible here. bye


can you please post your node settings for this leather material? I’d love to see it.


No problem, the file is on my home pc, i will post node later when i back home. Cheers

I would also love to see the node setup