Herman the Goldfish

It has been a real long time since I have posted anything on this web site. So, I thought I would share what I am currently working on. It’s a personal animation project about a goldfish who falls in love with a toy girl goldfish. This is the star of the show, his name is Herman, I have yet to texture him, but I am done modeling him. Well, tell me what you think.


Very nice toony character!

Yup. I think you’ll get a nice little movie outta it :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny fish, great job. He should get a buddy little fish to interact with.
Here are some funny 3d fish video’s to get you motivated even more:

Flakes - episode 1

Flakes - episode 2

You have yet to texture him…? I see that he’s coloured, I take it you’re talking about bumpmapping or adding an extra overlay of scales?

I wonder whether it’s the time of year, but quite a few threads on toon-style fish have been popping up recently.

Anyway, your fish is looking quite good already. I’m a bit skeptical about the corners of the lips, and also the way the ‘teeth’ are only in the outer part of the mouth.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


pikseli: Thank you.

I hope so.

Well, as for the buddy. That isn’t a bad idea. I will have to see how I can work one into the story (that is a WIP.)

It’s just a quick Photoshope paint job. I’m not sure that it will be his final look.

It may be the time of year, but this is a story that I thought of one day at work, when I was working on some sketches for a customer.

Thanks for all of the feedback.


Latest Texture Update…


I think this will be his final look, I need to do a bump map for Herman next, and thin I think I will be done with his textures.

  • Atariman -

Cool one. He’d look better if he was Hermann, tho.