Hero - Belle Montfort <3

My new cave -explorer, Belle Montfort . .

Game-play video, so far . . .

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Wow, so your characters are made for gaming, i see!
Moving forward already works!
Nice story telling, i like it! Looking forward to this “mine”.
Are you planning to build an entire game? I am curious, I worked with Unity myself. It was really fun but it was so exhausting!

I use Godot it has visual scripting, so no code, until one knows the engine . .

It can look really nice, too . . Godot is open source, you never pay them anything, except free donations, if you want . . .

Graphics, when engine is set to all maps, so on . . .

It has taken me two weeks to make so far . .<3 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here is story, hope it’s okay, also progress, on Godot forum, they are supernice, you could make your character into a game, in 4 - 5 days, I have tutorials on how to make move, with custome controller, no code, just visual script ( one connects boxes, that makes game work . . .

However, from now on, I think I must keep story a bit secret, to not spoil it, it’s pretty big . .

cool, keep it up!

I made some very EARLY concept art <3

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