"Hero" Model Work in Progress

This is a hero/superhero model that I’m working on. Not much to say right now, I still need to fix quite a few things, and texture a lot. Comments?


Nice start! Looking good, but where are all the big bulging muscles? Hahahaa…


I enjoy the over all shape of the body, nice proportions :stuck_out_tongue: some wires would be nice, add more detail…um, I would love to see it rigged and animated :slight_smile:

Thanks. :smiley: What do you mean some wires?

Working on the muscle and rigging now. [and texturing.]

He ment, see the wireframe without the textures and lighting. I like that he’s not overly muscular, makes it more “everyman” superhero. But, I’d like to see more on his utility belt, with a little higher detail, unless you’re going for a cartoonish look which is cool too.

Dude, I love your avatar!!! (Hughes017)

@Pirate___man hahaha. Thanks.

Here are some shots from the viewport of the wireframe…I’m not sure what what to take a picture of, it looks like a mess in wireframe.


I was interested in seeing the wireframes because if you had any glaring topology issues, when/if you got around to rigging him, the deformations could be very ugly. Anyways, completely agree with Khnum about the muscularity and detail on the belt. In your screenshots it appears to be something on his back. I’d love to see a render of whatever it is (a shield perhaps?). Anyways, I await further updates :smiley:

haha. It is supposed to be some kind of shield. It lit the scene up a little more, so it is not as dark, and added a belt, which I kinda like, but I’m not sure. :spin:

One things I’m not certain about, is, do I make the clothes[hat, belts.] a part of his main body mesh, or do I keep it separate? :confused:

I can attach a .blend if you want.


He reminds me of the Heartless in the Kingdom Hearts game…

haha. Is that good or bad?

[btw. I love your iron man model.]

Eh, neither good nor bad, just reminds me…i think it is the eyes, well maybe the face without mouth and nose, just eyes, or maybe not…i dunno…

And ty! I didnt give up on it either, just got tired of him so i decided to make the Zoomer model, so ill come back to it laterz…

To your question to make the clothing part of the body mesh, if it’s separate in RL then separate it in the mesh, you can always link them together later if you must.

Is that




@Khnum I’m not sure I know what you mean by RL.

Here’s an update, where I fixed a couple things, and changed a bit. :smiley:

Comments please. :cool:


Here’s a little update. Going to add some form of UV texture at some point. Though, for the belt and straps, I think I’m going back to white.

Tell me what you think of it. :confused: