Hero of the Day, finished game with documentation on the making of.

As the title says, I finally ended this game and I’m releasing it here and not on finished games and wips since it was supposed to be a resource for learning.

Hero of the day is a 3rd person action adventure game in with you control a character that has to kill a monster.

Several scripts where used to acomplish this, and even if it is a bit outdated (the project starte with the version 2.45 of blender) lots of details will still be usefull, I guess.

More details and the file on my page.

The credits are included on the game, after all I didn’t make it alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope people enjoy it.

Note: yeah documentation isn’t near finished yet, but it will become finished soon, I expect.

Do you need help with documentation?


Would be nice, what would you add or change from the game’s page?

I would document the art process we went through.


Updates has been made in the site, Camera system documentation is done, a couple of hints were made and I started the character setup documentation, but I haven’t liked it so far , maybe I’m gonna redo it.

Also a new file has been added for easier comprehention of the camera.