Hero>>>>Paris's Subway, Illustration for Wombat pack with Nike.

Hi Everyone !

This is my new illustration in Blender for a free-pack-advertising with Nike.



All the background is made with Blender.
The character are in 2D.

hope you like it !


Man, I though the background was a photo! Very well done, the characters are funny as well


Better quality !!!
Thanks for your comment !!

Looking at larger images, I could find its highly detailed characters and paintings much more. Thanks!

Thx !

I am not really fan of all…
But i did this picture really fast…
And i am not really good in 3d yet.
Soo… for technical stuff… sometimes i take soo mutch time…
For example,
shader of the football ball is not very cool…
I am better for painting and creating texturing…
I take 2 days and half for make all the texture and the 3d.
Only one for the character and integration…

I would have more time…

I think if i should know the nodes techniques (i didn’t know anything about node),
and more in render stuff…

I’ll get a better picture.


NExT !!!

Very nice man. I liked.
I think nodes (Composite) is the best approach for you given the kind of work you do…

Congrats on the style! :slight_smile:

Thx !

Yeah !
I must really lurn nodes…