Hero School

Hello, new to the blender artists community. Only really just found the place. To the point though. Currently making or at least attempting to make a short series for youtube and also something for my son, nieces and nephews to watch. A little blender animation series called Hero School.

Here’s my work so far:

Mya, named after my niece, the wood elf.

George, named after my stepson, the human warrior.

Milo, named after my nephew, the Ogre.

Combined I’ve got these fellows so far.

Plus a large adult ogre

I also apologise for the many bumbs and double posts happening here. I’m currently restricted to posting three pictures per page and had quite a bit of work to show off.

Then finally for now, an adult forest Ogre.

I may have had a few posts in a row, apologize for that. Had quite a few bits of work to post that I’ve done over the last week. Thanks for looking and please share your thoughts.

New model built today. Also sorry for the above double post, didn’t think the first had gone through.

Arnie, the wizard.

Any comments, advice or critique welcome.

cool idea. the monk robes could use some wrinkles, imo.

Thanks, I’ll take that into mind :slight_smile:

Took most of the week to get this gem finished but I’m happy with the result. The first teacher at Hero School, our Swordsmaster, Garidan Grayson

Hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome.

For viewing pleasure, a close up look at Garidans weapons. Made a very quick weapons case, not the best but gets the job done.

This is Garidans trusty Rapier. I’ve yet to give her a name yet though trying to think of something closely related to his symbolic animal, the Wolverine.

These I do have a name for, these modified cutlass/sabers are Garidans Claws. Made for ripping and shredding his foe’s into giblets.

This is all cool stuff…

The only thing I don’t like is the grey background… Especially in the very first image…

Noted, I didn’t mess about with the background too much and just left the default grey. Guess it’s only there as a temporary background until I’ve got a more permanent and thematic one sorted out. Don’t want something too busy that it detracts attention from the main model.

Another one through, got this done within a few hours, thought I’d produce at least something this weekend. The City Guard.

I haven’t thought of a name for the city yet though I’ve been working with concepts and ideas for it. I thought I’d get a guard idea out.

Wanting to go with a very… Simplistic look, contrasting with the imaginative look of the protagonists and the other main characters, I just wanted to get this look of soullessness.

A new model thrown out there, still been working on stuff but works gone slower lately, least in stuff to show off. The latest model a new enemy worked on for the monster collection of hero school, the forest Ork. Still a working progress for his clothing, I’ve taken mild references from frogs when giving him eyes and skin textures. Big, mean and a wee bit dim. Standing at about 6 - 8 ft tall and built like brick shithouses, a strong formidable foe.

The Ork in the new more themed backgrounds, as this is a forest Ork, I’ve put him in a forest environment. A nice break away from the flat wooden plain I’ve been standing them on.

Even a little cameo from the Ogre in the background just for a little set dressing.

The current forest theme for my forest/woodland based creatures. Its nothing much to look at but a damn site better than the old wooden floor theme.

Hope you all enjoy, all feedback is welcome :slight_smile: