"Hero" short film has been released (Grease Pencil 2.0 project)

(English is not my native language) #1

After a series of successful short film production focused on high-end 3D computer animation pipelines, the Blender team presents a 3 minutes short film showcasing Blender’s upcoming Grease Pencil 2.0.


(McJMAK) #2

Pretty damn sweet!

(Felix Kütt) #3

Cool, when I first saw the truncated form of the thread title as [“Hero” short film has been…] I actually got a bit worried for a moment.

(cekuhnen) #4

this is really well done and a great technical demo of Blender too

(English is not my native language) #5

Oh, sorry. So some unintentional suspense in the title of the thread :slight_smile:

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(Piotr Adamowicz) #7

Hey, that’s not bad! So how do you draw a soft self-shadow?

(marcatore) #8

Really nice!

(saiko) #9

Great! Blender gives the paid 3d programs a run for their money.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #10

Well done, the break downs are tantalizing too. The stylised animation industry should take note.

(Mr_Flamey) #11

I didn’t expect it to come out so soon. They showed off a few things on the Blender Cloud, but its development was quite different from the other open movies, since there were no podcasts and very little in the way of preview shots etc. so seeing it already out was a nice surprise.

Anyway, it’s a great accomplishment and although I probably won’t make 2d animations in Grease Pencil, it’s awesome that the Hero team have pushed the tools far enough that it’s possible. The breakdown at the end showing the tools in action was a great idea, which will hopefully get lots more animators playing around with them. I look forward to seeing what else people make with Grease Pencil.

(sus_unn) #12

Grease pencil has improved a lot!! Great job devs!!

(Bola) #13

Nice job, quite interesting!

(weee) #14

looking great! so is new Grease pencil, altogether with Krita’s animation feature, hand drawn animation is becoming affordable and accessible than ever.

(erickBlender) #15

Pretty good i love it, so many things been done in short time. Congrats :slight_smile:

(BigBlend) #16

Pure magic. Blender is the “no excuse” of lack of creativity and the perfect tool set for creation.

(sus_unn) #17

It’ll be good to do rough/layout in blender, than cleanup, inbetween, color in krita. Compositing in Natron maybe? (If natron can manipulate frame intervals according to x-sheet)