Heroes in a half shell !!!

So I have been working on this shot on and off for a few weeks and I think I am finally done. There are things that possibly can be improved but I want to move on from this project and start focusing on the futuristic vehicle competition for Blender Guru. Check it out peeps and kowabhunga !

I would have strung cheese from the pizza box to the pizza. :slight_smile: You know how messy those turtles are.

Amazing lighting. great composition. I realy love the environment. The only thing is that I’ve never saw a short sword like that. What about making a real blade?

Never seen a sword like that? Must not have watched TMNT or Electra… if you’re talking about the psi, or any number of movies if you’re talking about the katana…

Anyway… Kowabunga! I think it looks great, Danny!

“And absolutely no anchovies. If you put anchovies on my pizza…”

Thank you for the positive feedback guys ! Turtle Power !!!

Yeah I didn’t think about that. Maybe I will come back to it in the future and add that in. The original turtles movies made Pizza look amazing ! The cheese was so stringy ! Lol !