Heroes of Bronze - Storm of Spears

Hello guys, this is another scene from my ongoing project Heroes of Bronze, focusing on the famous ancient Greek history.

“Storm of Spears” - In this scene from the Battle of Marathon I tried to depict the much debated “othmismos” phenomenon most historians still argue about, the mighty push of two battle lines.

“The “orthodox view” or the “literal model” argues that the othismos was literally a giant push between the two armies(see Mathew 2009, 395). The hoplites pushed shield against shield to wear down their enemy and break through their lines. This take on the othismos is often compared to a scrum in the game of rugby. Realistically, a mass push by two opposing armies is impractical. The force from the ranks pushing from behind the front rank would render the hoplites in the front useless (see Krentz 1985, 50). The “heretical view” or the “figurative model” claims that the combat was done at a distance and the othismos push that is described is more of a figurative push to drive their enemies off the battlefield (see Mathew 2009, 396). Although both views can be right in their own way, it is often argued that neither can be completely correct.”
-excerpt from the sites.psu.edu/thehopliteexperience/the-othismos/

I used my usual combination of tools to create this - Blender, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer and Photoshop :)

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