Heron Lake

Backdrop made with Paintshop pro.

the grass is pretty good, but I have to say that the water looks repetitive.

I agree the water seems pretty repetitive… but other than that it’s amazing :slight_smile: I think this should be in the gallery it has some quality I can’t put my hand on… it’s a beautiful work of art tho :slight_smile: great job

Well the grass looks nice, but there’s some major banding, the lens flare is in the way, and I’m not sure about the texture on the thing the heron’s on. The heron could use some lighting instead of one side being pitch black, same with the thing he’s on.

The water looks fine, though if you used a texture a procedural texture does well for water ripples.

admittedly enough it’s not a perfect work but it’s just so beautiful for some reason… lol I can’t explain it but I’m entranced by it.

pretty good just the water has to many ripples that are in constant

I agree with the others, there is something very beautiful about this image. There are things to crit like the water (as already mentioned), the fact that for the sun to be that high in the sky the sky should have some color, and that the lens flare is a bit over done. But with all that said, the color and the mood of the image come through. So job well done. Art should make you feel and this piece does just that.

Keep blending!

Tried to make the water with softer, less repetitive, texture. Smoothed out the material on the log.

I think the problem with the water is that it’s too choppy for a lake. A lake has no current, so the turbulence in this pic suggests wind, but that wind isn’t shown in the grass.
Either the lake should be still, or the grass should be turbulent. It’s all down to what mood you want to convey.
Don’t get me wrong, though. This is very nice work.