Hero's Futuristic town video finished !!!! 2D and 3D !!!


Hi everyone !

This is my first animation in Blender for the french studio lap-loche Paris !!!
Hope you like the animation, and thx again to Blackboe, Anicator, Track Wrecka, Ptks, Kernond, and the rest of this helpfull friends.

You can see here the work in progress.
Hope you like my first vidéo in blender.

Feel free to visit my myspace, website and blog.

A very happy new year to everyone.



Yeah, it really rocks me.,I enjoy this video very much.

you are off to a great start

So what part was done in blender?

brilliant!! 2d animation was done in? really enjoyable video.

Yoo !!!

thx for your comment !!!
All the building are made in 3D.
and some motion cam+compositing.
Some backgrund are make in photoshop, with the help of blender.
Others are dirrectly made in after effect with the cmpositing.

All the animate character are made in flash, and sometime, re-animate in after too.


i peed my pants