He's Only Sleeping

Hello all,
I’ve been teaching myself blender for about 2 months now and this is my first attempt at a full render. It’s been super fun, comments and criticism are very much welcome.

Modeled in Blender 2.57, Rendered in Blender Internal, Textures in Adobe Illustrator, and a hint of Photoshop.

it’s showing now :slight_smile:

the only thing I would say is that you want to look into ambient occlusion, and use less hemi lights.

other than that, your modeling is pretty decent for someone learning for 2 months.
I think that for a child’s bedroom you might want some brighter colours, but other than that it’s good.


Thank you Derek,
Modeling seems to be the easy part, lighting and texturing not so much. I messed around with the ambient occlusion and for some reason it fixed a texture on the face for the freckles that I could not get to render the first time round. I’m sure there is some reason for it but at this point I’m too Blender noob to understand why. Anyways thank you and cheers.

:smiley: very funny! like it.
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