A poem using heteronyms… try reading this aloud.

Her life was never content
Alas…she had never understood
The true content of her life
A failure it was…

She had alternated
Between all the
Available alternatives
But had been duped by her own fate

She stood there
Like a sole tree in a desert
By her own

She had become an object of criticism
Those cruel eyes drilled her soul
But could she object?

Like a prisoner of fate
She housed herself
In the walls of her own house
She could stand no more

Had her life become a refuse?
She refused to budge
The fate refused to budge
But she had decided to outwit it

She saw the hoarding…
Recreation for the weekend
She laughed…her life had no purpose now
Only if she had been able to recreate her life

She signed
Even the ink betrayed
She resigned her death note
Now she was ready to resign her life…

Life was so close
But she closed her heart.
The moment arrived…she did it
Minutes passed…she felt not even a minute pain

As the number in her clock increased
She felt chilled, number
As she winded her life
She felt the cold wind
Then everything was still

Then peace

Kavitha Krishnamurthy

The word “chilled” and the comma was added by me.

I tried doing one of these, but its pretty tricky.

That’s pretty cool. I only made one mistake reading it aloud… I said resigned instead of re-signed “…her death note”. Kinda tricky. :slight_smile:

Yeah, lol, i think that is the hardest verse to get right.

The theme of the poem reminds me of the song ‘Tourniquet’ by Evanescence.

The beginning content and last minute were the parts that got me. Anding “a” in front of minute was either a cheap trick or a bad translation. Stylistically, it should be “the most minute pain”. Otherwise, reading it as minute, like time, is not totally incorrect. :smiley:

I have to admit. I didn’t follow a word of it.

Lol, yeah, it doesn’t make sense if you try and analyse it too much, it was just a clever use of the most annoying type of homonym.