Hetors's Sketchbook

Off course I will m_squared, thank you! :slight_smile:

Here’s an improved version in lighting of my agent Smith sculpture, 2016 vs 2014, I think it looks better.

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Looks a lot better in my opinion, nice job! It would be awesome to model and sculpt characters in Blender, haven’t learned yet how to do so though :smiley:

I really like your stylizations. Awesome work. ^^ Pretty inspiring to see.

Thanks!,haha,you don’t need to learn directly for using Blender, just try to have fun on things you like in 3d.

Thank you chyote!, my “style” comes when I was a kid, here’s a sample :slight_smile:

right now I’m trying to get more realistic faces and bodies.

I really like your stylized sculpts as well! Looking forward to what you can do in the realism department :smiley:

Man I’ve gotta get in there learn some more about the sculpting tools… very inspiring work here guy…

Re-opened at OP’s request.

Maybe I’m weird, but on that Agent Smith one, I like the older one better… Reminds me more of being in the Matrix… though that could probably be pushed some with a little color grading.

Thanks again Richard!

Hi gradyp, you are right, with a bit of color grading would look better, more “Matrix”.

Haha, don’t expect too much for now :), thanks!

Hi norvman, thanks!, I saw a very promising sculpture in your sketchbook, keep it going.

Yah… you don’t have to worry to much about the giving up part of that… I been doing Art and Drafting projects for too long…
I really can’t do much of anything else… (not that I don’t… but I’m not that good at anything else…)
I will tell you this… everyone is an Artist… you just have those who give up on it… and those who don’t…

that doesn’t count any one who is just taking a Sabbath break from it… you know… So you can beat ‘life’ back into submission again…

Hello, here´s another charater I did… !

I´ll post in “final projects” the making off

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Sculpt: “I’m getting mad”.
Render: Eevee

My Batman fanart :slight_smile:
Blender used for the entire process, from sculpting to render.
(Postproduction in Photoshop)

A Mike Ehrmantraut fan art bust from Breaking Bad’ tv serie.
New sculpting features from Blender 2.81 used for this job, things were really fast, even skin pores details.

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