HEU Class II Scout - Low Ground Effect Vehicle

The HEU (Humana Exploratory Unit) II Scout, is a low Ground effect vehicle which exploits the wing-in-ground-effect, to achieve fast speeds and efficient travel. The vehicle is only used on planets with breathable atmospheres, and is powered by an anti-matter energy, which supplies power to the anti-grav pads and magnetic slingshot system.

This design I made started off as an untextured model. Instead of UV unwrapping it etc, I decided to take the rendered model into Photoshop to do a paint over of the model. It’s the first paint over I’ve done, and came after some practice using CTRL-Paint tutorials and over 120 photoshop layers.

I might take this drawing as inspiration soon, to finish UV unwrapping and texturing the model properly.

Use it for the new BlendSwap competition!

Oh nice paint-over! Now get it finished! I remember the wip thread you started on this…
A thought…maybe add some orange glow on the anti gravity coil. maybe some on top of the engine, and definitely some HUD on the cockpit.

I have added a slight orange glow on those areas, I might try and enhance it a bit. I like your idea about the HUD, I’ll give that a go soon.

animaniac: I wish I could use this for blend swap, however at the moment the actual model is untextured, and this is just a paintover. I may have a go soonish in making the model textured, and master my hatred of UV unwrapping.

Jon, you already know I love this, great work. Would love to see it textured and submitted to the contest. But I’m fine with just staring at it all day to. Great work.