Hexagon 2 theme for blender

Had to try out Hexagon since it was there, seemed like a good idea. While tooling around in there it occured that the colors could be done in blender like they were with the modo theme or lightwave. So, here is the script.

A couple of probelms: (beyond deleting the notes that were taken for this bit of the message) When updating themes the nodes window has stopped accepting color changes?, there doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the scripts window colors, the elevator in the outliner can’t be changed, the ‘add new’ buttons are turning red why?, maybe that’s all. Other than the usual problems of course, like button style. This theme used the rounded style since they have the flatest look and Hexagon uses flat buttons but they’re square. And of course the fact that I don’t have a clue as to what half of the windows in blender are actually for. Junk like that. Anyway, fwiw.


After looking at the blue for a while it’s difficult to go back to softer tones. I really don’t mind the blue buttons too much though if the window backgrounds are turned gray. Let me know if it’s worth it and I’ll post to the theme repository at http://www.frontiernet.net/~krich/themes/

[edit]Here’s a modified version with warmer UV editor and high visibility vertices

Hey, dude, you’re a genius. The Hexagon theme looks good. I like it!:slight_smile:

Hexagon Theme sample


Thanks! :wink:

All right. Glad you like.

Have to wonder how well these scripts will play when the new UI is put together.

Hey, it’s great, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Yah, me too.:slight_smile: I usually don’t much like the cooler color schemes, but spent an entire session with this one yesterday and it’s really easy on the eyes. Who knew.

I did make a couple of modifications from the Hexagon default though (and posted above). The UV editor was just too cold so redid the colors there. And I also found the blue vertices cold and difficult to see so they are blender orange now. Maybe too bright? I don’t know, easy enough to change though. We could really use backface culling for mesh editing.

Those blue buttons though, oooooo. :slight_smile:

i think it would be nice if some themes like yours got bundled with blender.

i don’t think using the same colors as some commercial application is a problem? or can color schemes be copyrighted? :slight_smile: