Hexagon Hill

A little piece that evolved from messing around with Gwenouille’s Big Number Toolkit. When I’m messing around, I seem to always end up making little houses all over the piece. Anyway, enjoy.

Crits are welcome for future reference, but I think I’m finished with this particular piece

Hihi. You are the first people i see using it. I like the little trees and houses, charming !
How did you create the fog at the bottom ?

Thanks! I’m having fun exploring the ways to use the tools.
I used the “mist” option in the enviroment panel (right between the background settings and the “Stars” option). Settings were 40, 60, 60 for Sta, Di, and Hi respectively. Misi was 0.18 I think. However, these settings would have cut off most of the background islands, so I rendered them in a different pass with different settings and composited them with a z-over node.