Hexagonal Landscape (Inc. Tutorials)

Created by making a base hexagon column model, then using dupliverts on a plane with some displacements. The biggest contributer to the image is the compositing

Edit: Links no longer work 11 years later :cry: Search on youtube instead.

Would this not be better posted in Support / Tutorials ?
Edit: You were too quick for me

Haha yeah. I thought I would post it here too as I did the image before deciding to do the tutorials… so this thread is just for the image

It’s a bit like Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, looks pretty cool. Not sure I am getting the point of your image / tutorials though - why would we have a need to create a hexagonal landscape (unless we were doing geol-viz.

Because it looks cool :wink: haha
There are many things to learn in those tuts, especially the third one. Understand that most of our viewers are beginners in blender

i had been wanting to do this for a while ever since i saw this http://blendertotal.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/blender234.png?w=497 never got around to it though

did you steal this idea??? :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :ba:
i dunno looks cool anyways :smiley:

Yes actually, I did steal that idea :stuck_out_tongue: All for the purpose of a tutorial I suppose

Well this is a great technique to make super detailed sci-fi city´s
In the tutorial you said something about the high poly count.

so here is my way around this problem

  1. begin moddeling the shape what ever in Blender than take a box and make it so the shape fits. than group it and hide the high poly one
  2. save the file
    3.Link this file into an other Blender file. now go on like youre used to

when you doing this a lot it could happend that blender needs some time to open the file but it wont crash.
maybe that is helping

Thats not a bad idea actually, the only problem is that you would need that original shape if you want to make sure they fit together snugly - unless it’s a city and they don’t need to fit together at all. Thanks for that

I just did a version with this technique because I was not sure that this is working. including blend files

super hexagon.blend (313 KB)hexa multipler.blend (816 KB)

What’s not working?

exept ligthning is every thing fine i think

need to check your your tutorial about this.

This looks interesting, I am going to check out those tutorials.

@BlenderPER - did you enable ambient occlusion? And check it’s on Add and not Multiply

Thanks for the tutorial! I had watched the first part and decide to put on my own spin for the rest

Reminds me of Darwinia… would make a pretty neat level in a future version of the game, maybe (I can dream).

This is very cool looking. I’ve tried making effects like this with hexagonal terrain, but didn’t know much about the compositor at the time. Darwinia is an amazing game, PlantPerson, but my computer won’t let me play it =(.

It looks really cool!!! I’m going to watch the tutorials right now!!

I’ve played Darwinia actually… it looks uber fun but for some reason I didn’t like it… oh well :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks btw

Greg strikes once again with a brilliant tutorial topic!!