Hexagonal project for school

well i’m supposed to do some kind of hex structure for school so i did this rather random outlandish scene… and feedback would be usefull (particularly before next thursday)

I think that you are well on your way to the Gallery with this very moody and enigmatic piece. I would suggest a couple of refinements to it, to be made with great restraint:

  • The “droplets of light” effect is very good although, since I am interpreting it to be like a feature of the window-glass, it bothers me to see the effect extending beyond the boundaries of that glass, especially in the front.
  • At the same time, the “glowing aura” that this same effect suggests on the left and right of the area, especially at the top, is a good thing. You might consider making a hand-drawn mask, and using that in your compositing to exclude the “droplets of light” in the areas where you don’t want them to appear.
  • A very faint, perhaps slightly defocused, “moonlight glow” on the top of the lighthouse, and coming from a definite single direction as moonlight would (I’m thinking, two o’clock off my right shoulder, but coming from 90-degrees to be consistent with the glow (#2)…). This would help to bring just a little definition to the outside and surroundings of the light, without drawing attention from the light. Use a complementary color to the existing color of the light.
  • Do you think you want to make any suggestion of what the roof is? It looks like tin sheets, and since it mostly drops into the mist (good…), it does not need much definition – again, “don’t draw my eye” – but I’m wondering why that darkened triangle is there. I don’t see a plausible visual explanation for it, so it’s a little bit jarring.
  • Whatever you do, don’t lose that specular reflection on the center fin, and don’t reposition anything (or the camera) in the scene. I suggest, “resist all urges to re-compose or to crop this shot.” That “tiny, specular shine” draws the eye exactly where it needs to be. The relative light-levels of the six panes of glass is also crucial, and in my view, correct. Like I said, “be very restrained now.” Save every version of this file. Make each change to a new copy, and backup the olds.

The juxtaposition of images is enigmatic, and as such, does not need to “explain itself.” The object could be a sculpture of some kind, put there long ago by some wyzard … really, like all good art, it is just there, and the viewer is challenged to provide their own meaning for it.

I know that I am effusing here. :o But, this is good. I think.

gosh, i wasn’t expecting such an intricate reply, i’ll get to work n some of those points you mentioned.

thanks for the input