Story: A friend asked me to make a hexalifter for his school project. He needs a nice little animation.

Thing to do: Make hexalifter, make animation (probably some path it’ll follow, and a little video editing).

I would like to get help with: Tin foil! How do I recreate tin foil? As you know, it’s not completly flat, like a piece of wood, but hobbly bobbly. I can do this by hand, but it still wouldn’t look to great. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you dunno how a hexalifter looks like, try google. I can post some pics here but that would be kinda useless… :wink:

So far…


Thanks in advance,

What’s a Hexalifter? When you say Tin foil do you mean metal foil right? If you do just use a plane and bump map it.

Bump map? Eh… ? What? :o

And yes, I guess I meant metal foil.

I got https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11889&highlight=landis+airman tutorial on texturing. which seems to be about texturing, I’ll look into that. Bump making creates a “not flat” surface I guess? (Hence the name “bump”)…

I might be wrong, lemme read.

You have a black and white texture and press the nor button (material tab), give it a high value and see what happens? It’s also called normal mapping. Here’s a tut

Oh hey kewl. :smiley:

Thanks alot, think I’ll play around with that a bit. :slight_smile:

See you around. :wink:

Played around

Turns out really good, takes a while rendering with Ray Mirroring on, but it looks awesome, and gives me a realistic bobbly surface. Nice. I’ll post the finished object when done.