Hexen Edge of Chaos

Hello, I’m starting this thread to ask for advise on my modeling and to record my progress right now I’m doing some models for a Mod called Hexen Edge of Chaos, I have done a few static meshes but now I’m starting to do an NPC called Roden, this is supposed to be an old librarian ghost that is keeping some ancient books and relics, you talk to him to get guidance on a level of the game, this is my first fully rigged character, I’m going to do all in blender and Photoshop.

First I’m going to do a high res model of the whole character then ill use that to project normals and AO into a low res model, after that ill rigg the model and export it into idtec4 .md5 and .anim files.

Also we are looking for modelers if you have passion for old school fps specifically those made by Raven Software or if you just want to model some cool stuff drop me a PM

Some Links


Let the modeling begin!!

Great modelling. That sure is alot of detail. My computer would blow up if I loaded that mesh.

The high-res model is turning out amazing! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished! How do you plan on creating the hair?

Modron: Thanks for the reply, yeah its getting heavy, to manage I keep the multi res modifiers deactivated while I’m working on the rest of the parts, being able to deactivate modifiers is a life saver once the model gets complex, also the full body naked old man was modeled only to get the clothing to fall properly, I only added true closeup detail on the head and arms, since that’s all is gonna be seen so the clothing is hollow.

Bear_dog87: Yep i wanna texture him already, modeling is fun but I really want to see him in full color, hair will be most likely planes with alphas as its going to be used for a real time environment, its gonna be a challenge as i will be my first try at making hair, wish me luck, and thanks for the props :smiley:

Base leather straps are done, now I need to add the bags, the papers and the scroll cases


the side bags are in, the scroll cases are next

More work, I added more details and started doing the port to low res, the head is got normals and AO, I still need to paint spec and diffuse for it, but I will get all the normals and AO for all the character first, the hair and beard will be done once I have all the rest of the character done, as its going to be planes with alphas there’s no need for me to model those ill just get that done on the panting/texture phase.

I think you should double the polycount on the low poly head, it can’t add that much overhead in the realtime app but it would improve it that much more. Looks really good for the rest

The model looks amazing, great job. Can’t wait to see it with textures.

The model looks really nice – you don’t see such hight quality models very often. I also like the concept (reminds me of one for warhammer mixed with blizzards Archivist - thats good :smiley: ). Could you write something more about the robe? (I assume it’s simulated, than parts were cut out). Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Florinmocanu: thanks for the suggestion I doubled the res on the head and
it looks much better thanks for the head’s up :slight_smile:

JoaoYates:Thanks, yeah cant wait to paint those difusse maps!

andy_a: Yeah its sim cloth, i did a low res full naked sculpt of him
with just 2 multires levels then I modeled the cloth in a static floating
way and ran the simulator I added a collision modifier to the naked body
and activated collision on the cloth too, and let the sim runing for 200 frames
basically I waited until the cloth was not moving anymore and baked the simulation,
then I made some sculpting on top of that to get some shapes like I wanted em.
Yeah Diablo is a great inspiration to me, and Warhammer is cool too I’m glad
your liking the modeling and concept!

Looks so much better. Though, i would still add a loop or two on the top of the head, to take out a bit more of the jaggedness. But, much better, looks really good :smiley: Grats.

totally… awed
hands, head, body all are fantastic work.

Florinmocanu: Thanks, ill wait till later to decided if I can add those loops, right now It looks good enough and the rest of the clothes are gonna take quite some tris, I’m glad you liked it!

chip4brains: Hello, thanks iv been using blender for maybe half a year, and after testing some of its modeling and sculpting tools I though, well this app can do almost anything you need to churn out models, high res sculpt, normal baking, so I decided to make the best possible work I could manage with it, I’m very glad you think it looks good, its nice to get outside feedback to know of your going on the right path!

shirt and arms are in, all the rest of the robes need to be done by Saturday at the most!

Amazing model, Renderluz, you are very talented graphic! Keep on going!

Wonderful work, the vest and the belts are magnificent. Keep work :wink:

this is the coolest librarian ever!

rozmiarek: Thanks Sir, I will

Square: I will I’m glad you like the details!

springwater: Je je thanks man, cool is something all us strive for, so I’m glad you
think he is :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of updates, i got sick and after I got well I when into hermit mode to get him done fast, I still need to model the huge book hes carring, more on that soon, once that prop is done ill start the weight painting and then its rigging time!

The poly count is around 8k

Mmm I got marmoset and I just dropped my mesh into it, I think I love marmoset already

K i changed the hue of the leather a tiny bit and added a red rim around it, and I designed the cover of the book, I’m taking inspiration on the box art of heretic just that instead of a human skull Im using a raven skull, I just though that a raven is kind of a symbol for old knowledge, like owls.

some work on his book: