Hey all

(Timothy) #1

I read the news about NaN and am keeping this boards open for aslong as there is still a active community.

Will make a slightly longer statement sometime soon :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #2

well I also changed the board layout a bit

(CurtisS) #3

You are a saint!

Thanks mucho!

(dreamsgate) #4

Thank you! This is the first place I thought of when I saw the news.

(pofo) #5


Felt lost for awhile (my bookmarks got erased couple of days ago), but got directions from Curtis’ mail (thanks for that).

:slight_smile: pofo

(who’s never sad for long)

(harkyman) #6

Thanks. This is the first place I came, too, beaten only by Macke.

I hope your server can handle the load it’s about to get!

(ilac) #7

Thanks Kib! This was the first place that came to my mind too after I ‘recovered’ from the bad news :slight_smile:


Replaced smiley!

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(SKPjason) #8

Thanks Kib - I also thinkit’s great that you added the “I made This” forum. Thank God you got that new server recently huh? :wink:

Thanks for giving us Blender Users a conitnued voice.

(Poju) #9

It’s good you added new groups. Why did you removed that suggestions part? I think now when this forum is getting more popular people might have some good ideas to improve this place.

And maybe Q&A regarding using Blender is needed too, i know i need it.

(Hos) #10

Hey Kib,

Thanks for sending out the e-mail
– it’s nice to know that there
is a place for us blenderheads
to share ideas during these
troubling times.