Hey all.

Hey guys, I just found out about blender yesterday, and it is a magnificent program, Being a Highschool freshman though, I find the program to be quite confusing, it will be quite a long time before I match your guys artwork. But I hope to contributing to these forums in the following year.



Head over to the Blender wiki in case you haven’t been there yet. There’s the manual and links to many, many, many tutorials. Also be sure to take a look at the tutorial forum, some useful tips there.

If you’re having any (Blender) problems post about them in the Support forums, while remembering to do a search first in case it’s been answered.

Looking forward to seeing your work, etc., etc.

dont worry about how old you are, and dont use it as an excuse because most people here are around your age :). you will do fine.

have you dealt with 3d before? it can be quite confusing the first time so dont worry about the quality of your work, and dont be over-ambitious, pace yourself.

welcome and good luck :smiley:

Hello, welcome to Ely- Blender Artists!

(I gotta get used to saying that)

Hello and welcome! Good luck to you on your Blending:D

Hi, and yeah I am still not the greates either at doing blender, but it comes pretty easy to do it after a while…


Hi, Shaman64. I am a sophmore in high school, so it’s not like you’re the only one.

tip: it would have been better if you had discovered blender during the summer. there’s so much to learn, and school is definately going to get in the way. wait until weekends and holidays to work with blender, as you’ll easily lose track of time when you’re playing with the different functions. blender is a bit difficult to learn at first, but before long, you’ll be modeling like crazy, and having a ton of fun doing it.

Welcome to Blender Artists, man! As already said, age doesn’t make any difference with skill in Blender (I’m a year younger than you, by the way). It’s all about persistance. I’ve been learning for a couple of months, it becomes a breeze after a week. Thank God I found Blender in the summer, spent like half my time here… :smiley: Well, good luck in your Blending! Can’t wait to see your work, it’s always fun to watch a new person get better and better every day.

Or, as they say in Dutch, alles kits achter de rits? :wink:

Let me give you one piece of advice: try to find the solution of a problem first by yourself, if that fails try searching the web (including blenderartists) and if that fails too, ask here.
You’ll learn more when discovering things yourself.
I’ll never forget wat “F” does in edit mode when you have 2, 3 or 4 vertices selected :smiley:

hehe, cool thanks for the replies all.Yea, its a shame I found out about this now. And it is a lil confusing at first, I’ve actually been learning from the wiki tutorial, but ran into a problem I’ve been trying to fix. Night all.