Hey All!

Hello, my name is eliteaxmen, but i prefer to be called “Dotkito”. I am a noob at all this, I downloaded Blender 2.45 and I get how to use the tools, just dont know how to model. :confused:
Anyways, Im trying to make Landscapes for a game im trying to make, and I dont know how to make the bases and/or the Bipeds and weapons :frowning: Can any1 help me with this?

My XFire: Dotkito =D <- I prefer this 1
Email:[email protected]

Very Appreciated! :spin:

Someone else will come along in a minute and answer all your questions, i’m sure.

hey, and welcome to the forums.
why would you make your name eliteaxmen when you prefer to be called Dotkito?
i might be able to help you on the weapon problem, as i have made a tutorial for that.
anyways, i hope that you will enjoi your stay at blenderartist forums,