Hey Blenderheads!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

Hi all,

just a short note to say I’m still around and reading these forums almost daily. It’s good to see that the Blenderheads have found a new place to live. Closing down the Blender websites (especially the community site) was one of the saddest things I had to do in a long time, and I was worried what would happen to the community because management wouldn’t let me place any links on the announcement homepage (that may change soon though).

Life goes on, I’m looking for a new job (a few job offers are already pending so no worries there), I’ve started to write a new & revamped version of the BlenderBase (more info here), and I’ve had a lot of fun playing Diablo 2 :wink:

I’ll see you around!

Have fun,

[email protected]

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(VelikM) #2

Hi Bart!
Good to here from you. It’s good to know that things are looking positive for you’re future.


Michael Velikanje

(overextrude) #3

Hey Bart…despite my ongoing criticism of NaN’s direction (as jim_heffner), you did a TERIFFIC job managing the community - well, except for that last e-mail that went unanswered about 2 months ago ; ). Anyway, best of luck locating other employment. Good to see that you’re still around.

([email protected]) #4

Hi [email protected],

Thanks for putting up the Blender web ring!
andits good to hear from you.


(pofo) #5

Yay, Diablo 2!
Thanks for the webring

Good luck with jobs n stuff
:slight_smile: pofo

(S68) #6


Nice to hear from you again :slight_smile:

Thanx for all your help


(sten) #7

welcome to us here :slight_smile:


(dickie) #8

[email protected]!!!
Congrats on the job offers!

Thank you so much for everything
you supplied us with, ie: tutorials,
beer, and the chipmunks.

If you like Diablo 2 you might wanna try Arcanum. It’s pretty hip.


(harkyman) #9

I’ll just add one to the pile. Good to see you alive and kicking!

(paradox) #10

Yes Thanks for all you’ve done for the community. It is good to see you hear and see that you have things planned for your future. Good luck on the job, hope you get one you like and does well for you. I agree with Dickie, I liked arcanium too.


(SysAdm) #11

Hey [email protected]!

On a serious note… What are the possibilities of ‘boxing’ Blender on the shelf for people to buy??? I’ve spoken with some attorneys about the idea… something about needing NAN’s rights to the product.

I also have some feelers out for some packaging/software distributors… they will box it, package it and ship it out… all for a piece of the action… hardly any upfront funds needed…

‘company A’, the marketing/distributing company (me) makes money.

‘comany B’, the actual packaging/shipping company makes money.

‘company C’, NAN or whoever owns the rights to Blender makes money.

The idea is to have a CD with Blender versions from 2.0 and up… (no publisher stuff) just CREATOR, a manual and maybe a Tutorial CD… somewhere between $49.99 to maybe even $199…

Whatcha think??


(ilac) #12

Hey [email protected]!

Happy to see you around! n’ Good luck with the new job quest!


(Caronte) #13

Hey [email protected]! :smiley:
Good luck in the future.

(LethalSideP) #14

Heya, Bart, good to see you’re alive and kicking. It’s nice to finally be able to talk to SOMEONE from NaN.

Congrats on the jobs by the way. How bout the hamsters - do they get a new website to pedal-power? ;D

All the best,

(Jamesk) #15

Dude! Nice to see you haven’t killed yourself or something. Hope you’ll hang around here in the future, then! SysAdm’s “boxing” idea sounds pretty nifty, btw. Don’t forget the guinea pigs while your fixing up the hamsters and chipmunks.

(kos) #16

good to see(??) you buddy !!i was hoping something to know about the ex-blender staff…and there you are. best of luck for the new job!!i really feel nice.but the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION …does Blender has a future?

(Kryten) #17

Hi Bart,
It is good to hear from some of the NaN people. I will add my voice to all saying how sad we are for you and your friends. But I am glad to hear new employment is on the horizon for you. I hope if and when NaN comes back online, you can and want to be included.

Nicholas, a.k.a A_Smeghead from the blender forums.

(theeth) #18

Heya Bart!

It’s good to see people like Carsten and you in here (and WP showed up on IRC last night :slight_smile: )

I hope you guys and gals (there were some right?) at NAN are doing good.


(mthoenes) #19


You have maintained a standard of excellence in the Blender website that is second to none. It is a great loss to NaN that you must go else where . I wish you the very best and the best for NaN’s reorganization.

I am sure we have not heard the last of you!