Hey can some one teach me how to make chain for a keyblade

heya this is my keyblade for kingdom hearts dun say nothen bout the colour coz it juss the lamp :slight_smile:
i wanna make a chain for it at the left end but i dunno how to so i wanna know is there a tutorial for or can someone tell me
i think you need to use beizer curves but i dunno how to use them yet :frowning:

and any crits for my blade welcome been working on it for 1 hour :slight_smile: :wink:

oooh nice key.

The friendliest way I know of to make a chain is in the blender user documentation, chapter 16 Special Modelling Techniques: Dupliframes.

If the links are round though, you could just duplivert a bunch of toroids…

i had a look at dupliverts b4 but i havn’t dun m,uch wit em

i am mostly finnished now :slight_smile: i made a chain
lighting aint very good

I like it even better! That chain is almost exactly what came to my mind when you asked about it (a bit shorter than I had in mind though…)

Lighting needs work, as you noted. The colors are far too cold for gold. The closest to getting it right are on the lower edge of the ring. Keep going!

ya noticed that with the chain it way too small can’t barly see it :slight_smile:
and i dunno much about texturing so i dunno the colour for gold the lighting realy suks lol
thnx for the comments

there is a close up of the chain i made it with cylinders hehe
i made the end of the keyblade bigger because it was too small :wink:

Well you now have a WIP, Let’s move it to the WIP forum then.
Try changing the color, The green spot isn’t the best thing to show your key.