Hey check out my first ,small game..

Here’s the game link for exe file :
I couldnt upload the whole game file so you must create a folder with all
the .dll files.
It’s a small game and its my first so…Dont expect anything great…

OO and the controls:
w,s -movement
left mouse click-aim down
right mouse click-aim up
middle mouse button -shoot


DLDing , …
putting a screenshot of it leads people to DLD it more :slight_smile: .

OH! ! X_X <6 MB was DLDed for waste ! :frowning: >, man , this can be a 200 kilo bytes blend file , anyways , good luck with the Game Engine …

Ok here are some pics:


Hope you like it.

man , do you know what i have got , there were no textures in the game , you have to pack them :slight_smile: .

Sory…I did say (Don’t expect anything good)…
And thanks for atleast trying it.=)

How do i pack textures?:spin:

How do i pack textures?:spin:

file >> pack data
, that will result in seeing a golden cube in the upper menu .

Thanks!:yes:But i wont bother uploading it again…
It ain’t that good.:no:

the screenshots looked good, don’t give up!