Hey, dante, this one's for you

Remembering about how dante got so pissed off at everyone’s post count posts, I feel it’s necessary to post about my milestone. This being my 1000th post, I want everyone to be aware, and throw a little party in my honor. And bring presents. And cake.

grow up!!!

oh, nvm, i forgot that your purpose in life was to pis people off, sorry.

Here’s my advice to you:

  1. Punch self in face
  2. Repeat #1 infinitely

well, now that i read this thread, i feel worse. note to self: never read jeeves’ threads again in off topic

also, i dont give a shit about ur post count

No one likes your style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally! Someone gets me!

Why waste effort when I can get someone else to do it for me?

I’m surprised that no one that made a post count post before is here bitching at me. With all these people that bitch about spamming who have spammed (and some still do), I woulda thought there’d be a few more hypocrites…

perhaps at 1000, jeeves, your title could be changed from monkey to ‘asshole’ :smiley:

i second that! :smiley:


Damn, good idea! I’d love to be the forum asshole, I think I’d be good at it! Hmm… Let’s put it to a poll…

Still waiting for that party…

Happy 1000th post Jeeves!

Am having a cocktail at a beach party and have invited a few friends to celebrate. They are all very happy for you.

Don’t you have to do a keynote speech about using Blender or a make a Special Tutorial to illustrate all you have learned during those 1000 posts?

Yes jeeves. Why dont you have a (cynide laced) cocktail?

As forum asshole you have great honor and great responsibility. Your duties are as follows:

  1. Never post ever again.
  2. Drink several (cyanide laced) cocktails.
  3. Throw your body into a raging inferno.

And as far as the party goes: “You get no party. Walk home in shame.”

“Hi, I have just revealed to you that I am baiting you all to insult me, and I enjoy it!”

“Why then sir, allow me to insult you and further clutter up this forum!”

I’m sorry for posting in this in the first place now. Promise I won’t reply to a Jeeves-created topic again.

If you all hate me so much, how hard is it to ignore me? Hell, to the right of a post it says who it’s created by. If you see “Jeeves”, you’d think you’d realize that you could just avoid this thread completely. But no. You have to bitch and moan about every little thing everybody does. What exactly is running through your mind when you click on the link? “Wow, a thread by Jeeves! I hate him, and have vowed never to view another of his topics, but what the hey!”

Cubefan-like-person sense is tingling…


If you are telling people to just ignore your posts, why bother posting in the first place?

:expressionless: Woah, all the negative tension around here. Hmm, I probably haven’t been here long enough to know about all these feelings. Heck, maybe I don’t post much on the off-topic forum. Congrats on your 100th post, but the thing is, the less unecessary stuff on elysiun the better.

Jason Lin

theropod: because he’s an idiot

[quote=“forum asshole”]would i make a good forum asshole?

as long as you dont piss ANYONE off. basically, yes. if u never show up again :slight_smile:

See, the difference is, I’m telling those that hate me to ignore my posts… But then again, that’s probably most of the people here… Hmm… Maybe I should take your advice…

Here’s my question:
Why does everyone instantly focus on the crap I’ve posted and complain about it? I post in the other forums and still people bitch about me. And what about those that never leave the off-topic chat? I never see any of them being constantly insulted.

WoW happy 1000th post Jeeves we love you really! :stuck_out_tongue: