Hey, do you use the free human textures or make your own


After spending, like forever, making a texture for this human. Painting, mapping, painting, mapping, painting…

It still looks like I made it. Ok so Im not the greatest using the paint tools. Its ok for something I guess, but not what I was after.

The more photorealistic look… I saw that plantperson, I think said the game engine was better suited for less realism…

But I like it. So what do you like/use/do?

Do you use the free or paid human images for your characters? Dont really care about it.

Or do the best you can with what you have?

Yeah, the BGE’s not really cut out for photorealism. That said, if you use photographic textures and good lighting you can still make it look really, really good.

For human textures, I suggest either painting from scratch with a wacom or altering a photographically-derived texture.

paint or alter. I’d assume for the quickest and best alter. But for the die hard artist paint. But don’t think that just because altering is quicker that its easy. Still will take time to get it down.

good luck

edit… I TRY and make my own.

I usually paint everything ground to up myself. Becomes pretty easy after you learn a few tricks…

I never really knew what the painting tools were for.