hey do you want to model this?

hey i have a pictuer for you of a character iv made in gimp can you make a game with it its all yours!!!


To get someone to model your image you need to give them an insentive…
like… tell them that you will be involved with them in making a game?..

OK im wanting to make a game with it. he he he.

elaborate… im sort of interested

elaborate, on what?

dont worry…

i feel so dumb right now!!!
sorry, I’ve got no storyline for this.

aw well, a NEW AND EXHILIRATING daxter game where you get to fly swat little jaks all over the place would be cool, hmm, or a game where jak goes to the hospital and daxter plays out the whole game, and at the end jak gets better and leaves hospital only to assist in the final boss battle. phew… epic!