hey does any one have a vid camera

hi i was just wondering does any have a video camera cuz im making a short film and i want alot of shots from all over the place for this film well no not alot actually just 2 or 3 cuz im going to the mountains for a few days in a week so i can get some shots there and in the city where you cant see any mountains so those should be pretty good but ya do you have one and do you think you could help?

Yes I have one, bought it not too long ago, but I dont think i can help you.
Good luck anyway.

all i need is like 1 shot of the sky were you live and of the ground

then why does it have to be video?

Try this: http://jogai.nl/images/zoom/images/baOrg.mp4
I had this one still on my computer. Can make a different one if you like.

I can make on of a covered bridge, windmill and sky… if ti doesn’t rain this weekend. Send me a PM.

If I find time this weekend I could make one of rain, mountains, rain, the town I live in, rain and the sea. And rain. But my Camera is not HD, if you need that.