Hey Enrico, check it out! (T Rex update)

latest attempt at dino model with texture courtesy of Enrico’s most excellant tutorial.



Soooo cool, how the skin changes (streches and contracts) when the rex moves.

Little Newbie-question: How did you make the walk-cycle?

Nicely done and an excellent walk cycle. You nailed the anciliary movements perfectly. Glad you did too, cause it made it look 100% better than the average walk cycle.

The texture is nice, but is too uniform across the body. You need som variation on it and it will be really nice.


Wow! all i can say is wow!
thats really cool
Where is the tutorial you based that on? Is that the allosaurus tute by the guy that did that wierd walrus thing, bongo?

OMG :open_mouth: Even the skin moves right :smiley: Seriously that is totaly AWESOME 8)

Only thing I can find wrong is where the tail connects to the body it needs to be a slightly smaller joining. And definitly diffrent textures!

Hei, just seen it now!
Very good, let me say. My only objections are:
dinosaurs weren’t plantigrad, they walked on tip of toes;
the attachment of the legs are a little strange, may be too much forward?
Anyway, great animation! I like very much the way it moves. :wink:


Thanks to everyone. Couldn’t have done it without Env’s generous tutorial. :smiley:

everything is perfect except the verts behind the first leg (that spins into view) seem to be grouped wrong leaving a huge dent in his but when the leg moves although the other side seems find shrugs