Hey Folks.....about Clay......

Anyone heard anything on the progress of Clay (modeller) (from Rocket3D) ??? Just curious.

you don’t mean MarbleClay…do you ?

This is what he means:


Okay…I do understand the general concepts behind private beta testing…but a gallery of what was created with the product doesn’t even let me know if I WANT to be a beta tester. No features list…limited screenshots…and no relase date or even plans of the final product. Everything is a work in progress…seems like hype for a commercial release to me.

I signed up for bate a long time ago but i never go to use it, seems like a lightwave look alike

LOL, they only let “important” people beta test. Ha.
Calling people unimportant must make their manhood feel bigger. %|

I don’t think that impotance is really the issue, valarking. I am sure the limited testing is to collect educated feedback before a release ( and by that I insinuate nothing). Like I said…probably hype before a shareware or commercial releaase. No list of features…but help test our product. Bullocks.

Thats right, current betatesters include Linus Torvalds, Bill gates, John Lasseter and Steven Spielberg. Swedish Research has shown that it indeed increases the size of their manhood.

Bullocks perhaps, but just because you can’t have it for free, or that you actually have to be able to make something beyond the average chromey sphere on a checkerboard with your name in the default blenderfont lit by a single hemilight might also be a factor. (yes im insinuating alot here)
Interpret it whichever way you want.

The blender community is heavily spoiled by having a product thats free and now even opensource, Its only natural, like getting free champagne everday. At a certain point in time person X will complain about the champagne, person X will complain even more if he suddenly wants a can of pepsi, and OHMYGOD he actually has to pay for it!

Keep in mind just because blender is free and accesible to everyone, this doesnt mean that EVERYTHING has to be, people who limit their users in this case for betatesting (since there is no use in having a huge amount of “inexperienced” (again with the insinuating) users reporting the same bugs or requesting the same features")

Another thing to remember is that people dont OWE you squat.
So go ahead start a flame war, or reply with nice colorfull language.


Or just can’t get it… it’s like the time I few business class on a 747, got my own TV screen, free drinks, dinner was filet mignon and a shrimp cocktail, but I couldn’t get another stinkin bag of peanuts! lol, just kidding… I had all the peanuts I wanted. My favorite phrase was, “Would you like another Screwdriver, Mr. Adams?” Muahaahaa… those who haven’t flown in 1st or business on a large jet don’t have a clue what you’re missing. C’mon… they served wine with dinner, and port with dessert!! I got a kit with slippers and a sleeping mask! And oh god, that chair! It was actually more comfortable than any chair I’ve got at home. Too bad it’s the only time I flew that way though. :frowning: I got stuck at the end of a long check-in line at the other Tokyo airport (wierd… had to come in at one HUGE airport, take a bus across town for the connecting at another HUGE airport). They overbooked, and bumped me up. Good thing too… I would’ve gone up the walls on that 9 hour flight to LA. At least Japanese domestic flights still allow smoking, but the stupid FAA thinks it can not only apply it’s totalitarian power over US airspace, but international airspace as well. Hrm… what was I talking about now??


Hi wp,

your last post is well said, and i agree! :smiley:


no, warez is the epitomy of being a spoiled brat. I’m sure clay is going to be a great product in any case.